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General Practice

At the Feeney Law Office our primary goal is to provide our clients with legal counseling and advice to avert future problems.  To accomplish this we are committed to working closely with our clients before they make important decisions that could have substantial legal implications.  In the event of a disagreement, we are experienced in mediating differences in an effort to avoid time consuming and expensive litigation.  If absolutely necessary, we are also experienced in representing our clients in commercial and general civil litigation.      

Civil Litigation

The Feeney Law Office represents corporations, businesses and individuals in civil and commercial lawsuits throughout New York as well as the United States. We handle these matters throughout all phases of litigation, beginning with the initial investigation and ending with, if necessary, the trial and appellate process. If appropriate, the firm is also experienced in cost-effectively resolving matters outside of the litigation process with mediation, arbitration, or other narrowly-tailored alternate dispute resolution ("ADR") proceedings.

Corporate Law

The Feeney Law Office provides all legal services necessary to support our local businesses and corporate clients.  These services include, but are not limited to, the formation of an appropriate business structure (i.e., corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships or professional corporations).  The firm also assists with contract negotiations, commercial property transactions (sales, purchases and leasing), “like kind property exchanges”, and any other requested support services (i.e., maintenance of the corporate books and corporate governance).